CNN sues Donald Trump and the White House for barring reporter

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US television news channel, CNN is suing President Donald Trump and some of his aides after its White House correspondent, Jim Acosta was denied to the White House.

This comes after a heated confrontation between Acosta and Trump at a White House press briefing where the President criticised Acosta and called him “a rude and terrible person” after he raised questions on immigration and deployment of US troops to the border with Mexico.

CNN filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in response to the suspension of Acosta’s press pass after the White House claimed he “behaved inappropriately a presidential news conference”.

President Buhari reacts to Ganduje’s ‘bribery’ videos?

In unconfirmed reports, President Muhammadu Buhari may have responded to the videos showing Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje allegedly receiving cash bribes from a contractor in the state.

According to The Cable, President Buhari responded to a Kano student on scholarship in France who asked the Federal Government to emulate Ganduje thus: “Haven’t you watched the videos of the governor stuffing dollars under his gown?”. He was also said to have demonstrated how the governor was filled his pocket with wads of dollars.

He added, “We gave the videos to security agencies for vetting. And we will surely take action on the matter if he is found guilty”.

Online news site, Daily Nigerian has published four videos of the governor, in separate occasions, receiving cash gifts from an unknown person and hiding them in his clothes.

In case you missed the videos, here’s one to keep you up to speed:


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