[about_box title="WHO WE ARE" excerpt="We are a one-stop shop for businesses planning to reach the Nigerian press, private businesses, government and non-governmental entities..." text=" NigeriaPressLog (NPLog) is the home of press release for Nigerian audiences. We offer forward-looking brands a leverage to gain wider reach. The PressLog manages a large database of key influencers and press contacts within the traditional and digital media space across Africa. Nigeria’s position as the largest economy on the African continent and its reputation as highly enterprising positions it as a hub of business - with a large chunk of activities ranked within the informal sector of the economy. With a rising middle class and a stable democracy across sub-Saharan Africa, the sheer volume of business communication, information dissemination, and the scramble for mindshare will continue to increase at an exponential pace providing a demand for organizations and platforms with the capacity to amplify messages through effective means and networks. Nigeria Press Log (NPLog) is a press release distribution website and information hub positioned to serve the media needs of a digitally connected Nigerian. It is also the one-stop shop for local and foreign businesses wishing to reach varying segments of the Nigerian press, private businesses, government and non-governmental entities. " icon="graph"]
[featured_item icon="database" title="CONTENT DISTRIBUTION AND MONITORING" top_margin="page_margin_top"]Let Nigeria Press Log (NPLog) deliver your Nigeria-related news releases, official statements, and sundry multimedia constant to targeted audiences through its distribution network. As a Nigeria-focused platform, we will help your business navigate the ever-busy information highway to reach influencers across industries, convert customers, and achieve your business goals. We manage a large database of contacts across digital and traditional media to enable your message gain traction.[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon="chart" title="MEDIA RELATIONS" top_margin="page_margin_top"]Nigeria Press Log (NPLog) has extensive contacts with Nigeria’s most influential journalists and brand influencers allowing effective PR campaign delivery. Nigeria Press Log builds, maintains, and values its partner relationship with forward-looking PR agencies across the country, lending its web platform, social media reach, and rapidly growing mailing contact to their campaigns.[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon="laptop" title="OTHER SERVICES" top_margin="page_margin_top"]For business with a need to place interviews, articles and opinion pieces on selected blogs and sundry platforms, Nigeria Press Log (NPLog) can make this happen. What more? We can also curate your press releases and feature articles at an affordable cost. [/featured_item]